Women Aspire

Have you ever wondered why getting information or help doesn’t always ring true, a small vague feeling that something is missing? You can’t really put your finger on it, but something is off. Take a moment to think about how much different things start to feel when women lend you a hand.

Team Building

High functioning teams versus a group of people working on a project or department.   Putting a group together is a hard process, time and effort spent finding the best candidates with optimal know-how is a crucial part of the … Read More

Project & Training Facilitator in Business

Many obstacles hinder progress, especially during the initial stages of a new project, when the stress starts to build and the intense pressures team members are under as a deadline approaches.

Masterminds & Workshops

Masterminds and workshops can be organized as a group activity. Individual offers available.

Intercultural Coaching

Intercultural or Cross-Cultural coaching aims to smooth away any animosity and/or pitfalls when communication between different mindsets, backgrounds and cultures collide.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Long-term accountability, rigorous self-assessment, and commitment to change are facilitated through an executive leadership coach.

Conflict Resolution & 3rd Party Contact Point

A neutral 3rd party has more advantages and flexibility to find solutions better suited for the individuals involved.

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