Project & Training Facilitator in Business

Many obstacles hinder progress, especially during the initial stages of a new project, when the stress starts to build and the intense pressures team members are under as a deadline approaches. There is also a lot of resistance often seen during professional training and the introduction of new company policies.

Resistance and even chaos are often due to the following points:

  • A significant generational gap often leads to misinterpretation of objectives, different priorities and diverse work ethics.
  • Groupthink stems from constant confrontations, where employees’ biases will interfere with new ideas and behaviours when left unchecked. As a result, the team members will find the path of least resistance, enabling flawed decision-making processes.
  • Constraints and high demand of an employee’s time limit an individual’s ability to invest in training. Time Management, in particular, can be a challenging factor to control.
  • Bounded rationality is the idea that when people find a complex idea challenging to learn, they will stubbornly stick to the solution they think is best. This belief that there is nothing more to learn about a topic stops them from being open to learning. Inflexible employees in their learning process will only partially engage with training programs.

A facilitator is involved with the team from start to finish. Their job is to switch between the agenda setter, guide, attentive listener, Taskmaster, motivator, mentorship and minute taker in meetings.

You hire a facilitator to plan agendas, seek to find emotional factors that inspire or could hinder progress, create motivation, guide people onto the right path, provide advice and insight when needed, and keep track of how individuals and groups retain knowledge.
Facilitators substantially increase the effectiveness of learning to achieve business goals more efficiently, plus develop a healthy and collaborative learning culture within a culturally diverse workforce.

Please get in touch with GrowthWorks before launching a new project or professional training session for more effective results.

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