Intercultural Coaching

Intercultural or Cross-Cultural coaching aims to smooth away any animosity and/or pitfalls when communication between different mindsets, backgrounds and cultures collide. These differences exist between geographical and national groups, they also span across different career or social groups.   Our perceptions and thought processes are influenced by our immediate social surroundings from the moment we are able to comprehend our sense of self. Religions, traditions, and social interactions have the most impact as we grow. At later stages in our life, experiences, personal interactions, and choices solidify as we go through life. Each of these points has its own set of cultural norms. Therefore, we can not just define intercultural interactions based solely on ethnicity.   Differences in cultures are affected by globalization, career formation, environment, social interactions and social media. A so-called cultural shock can be triggered in any aspect of our life. Obvious examples include moving to a different country; working in a multicultural cooperation; repetitive conversations that run in circles; to name but a few. Stereotypes prevail and sometimes hinder our process of communication. This is how racism and discrimination tend to stick around even after numerous discussions and workshops take place. Awareness alone cannot bring about change when thought processes are already stagnated. This is where I come into play. Intercultural coaching creates an environment where conversation based on deep trust can take place. Probing those recesses that workshops don’t reach. Awareness of oneself and how these thoughts were created, elevates the pressure to force perceptions to alter, giving way to openness and understanding.   Individuals, teams and whole organizations all have their own definition of accepted norms. When conflicts exist in this realm, friction creates dissatisfaction, frustration and continuous problems then increase, rendering decisions as difficult and even futile. The root of these issues are often hidden even from those directly affected. Intercultural coaching alleviates these concerns, opens other ways of communication and creates harmony, thus giving each individual the freedom to accept the situation without compromising their sense of self. Finding solutions to concerns and increasing productivity, creativity, as well as easing integration, makes a huge difference for everyone involved, special emphasis on mental health and personal growth.  

Bridge Model

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