Executive Leadership Coaching

“What got you here, won’t get you there.”

Marshall Goldsmith

Why should organizations work with Executive Leadership coaches?

An example would be receiving training in Organizational change, Leadership skills, or updates in Diversity and Inclusion awareness for a few days. This costs the organization an arm and a leg. Fact is, most executives hardly have any time to implement the training long term, they tend to be extremely busy and will automatically fall back into existing comfort zones and habits. For an organization to profit from training and new skill sets, a coach is needed. Long-term accountability, rigorous self-assessment, and commitment to change are facilitated through an executive leadership coach.

Why should an Executive commit to such a rigorous process?

Coaches never offer therapy, advice, or do any of the work for you. We are not a fast remedy, there are no quick fixes, and we are not life coaches.  I definitely won’t tell you what tie to wear for the next meeting. We are your biggest advocates, though. We believe you are your most powerful resource, we will push beyond what you think are your limits, provide a deep dive in self-assessment, personal exploration, and encourage letting go of behavioural patterns that may have helped in the past, which now block progress. Our conviction that you already can make the changes necessary, lead by example, and can bring alignment to a whole organization, is what creates your success.

Be wary, crucible conversations will take place. 

I offer a safe space to have those critical conversations most avoid having with their spouse or peers. It is an essential and determining conversation to experience as a leader. The risks are high, but the outcome is worth it. There’s no danger affecting your well-being or mental health. What this space provides, is the opportunity to be self-centred, explore wants and needs, find purpose, and have someone challenge your beliefs.

Ever ask why you indulge in certain behaviour, contrary to what people think of you? In this space, you get to explore this in-depth, without judgment, and with a fresh perspective.

Ready for something new?

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