Conflict Resolution & 3rd Party Contact Point

Challenges are inevitable in any team, and while HR departments and management can often find compromises, unspoken issues remain unresolved. In these situations, a neutral third party can provide a range of advantages and flexibility to help identify and implement solutions that are better suited to the individuals involved.
Accusations of sexual harassment, racism, stereotyping, and other inappropriate behaviours can severely impact the delivery of products, the company’s profits, and the mental health of its staff. While companies may provide official channels for employees to report such issues, it can be difficult for employees to come forward, especially if they fear retribution or negative consequences.
Many employees only mention problems when it is too late to avoid conflict, resulting in workplace bullying and other recurring problems. To address these issues, most companies in Switzerland are required to provide a third-party contact point. Unfortunately, many organisations need to pay more attention to this critical component of their policies.
If you need immediate action, GrowthWorks can help facilitate talks between employees or as a neutral third-party contact point for company employees. Please don’t hesitate to contact GrowthWorks to learn more about our services and how we can help. Together, we can promote a healthy and productive work environment for everyone involved.

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