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It is challenging growing up in a truly diverse culture. South Africa’s so-called rainbow nation has earned this title due to its intense, rich, and conflict-filled history. That history is a part of me. I know few people who haven’t been affected in some way by violence, racism, and chaos. Yet, for all the good and all the bad, I’m proud to have this nationality. It defines me and has made me see the value of being part of a community and the beauty in expressing individuality. Traversing various terrains of culture, traditions, and mindsets taught me more than the numerous libraries I visited and was employed.
This wish to learn from and preserve the heritage from around the world drove me to become a paper and photo restorer. In this position, I experienced awe and tragedy. My illusion became distraught with the realisation that some people would rather destroy than preserve just for financial gain. With a heavy heart, I turned my back on my passion for work and turned to event management, caregiver, and sports coach. I realised this was a loss of identity only a few years ago, and it has taken just as many years to find it again.
Living in many different countries and travelling around has strengthened my belief that differences and conflicts can be resolved by humanising every person, and cultural competence plays a vital role in identity, psychological safety, and fulfilment. Intercultural coaching or global coach is unlike a traditional coach, which is where I thrive, and I invite you to join me in finding and defining your identity.
If you’re expecting a premade solution package, I will disappoint you. Identity cannot be put into little cubicles and expected to grow. The crystallisation of who you are, needs flexibility, analyses, and openness towards oneself. Being critical of one’s beliefs and knowing from what they stem helps an individual find meaning and allows teams to connect at a level with very few experiences in their lifetime. So when you’re ready, I invite you for a conversation.

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