If you’re expecting a premade solution package, I will disappoint you on this aspect. Identity cannot be put into little cubicles and expected to grow. Crystallization of who you are, needs flexibility, analyses, and openness towards oneself. Being critical of one’s beliefs and knowing from what they stem helps not only an individual find meaning, it also helps teams to connect at a level very few experiences in their lifetime. So when you’re ready, I invite you for a conversation for starters.

Team Building

Let me help create motivation, resiliance and cooperation.

Intercultural Coaching

Learn how much impact new perspective can have in a globalized world.

Executive Leadership

Expand your horizons, communication skills, and innovative leadership skills.

Masterminds & Workshops

Group sessions aimed at achieving goals, mindfullness, and networking.


Each client has their own needs and individual processes. The Consultation helps clients and the coach to understand these needs, and to reach an agreement on how to proceed.


When applying, due to the limited times, each case will be discussed and you will be contacted for further information.


Rose Bud

Rose Bud

Resilience Opportunity Social Evolve

Bridge Model

Balance Respect Inclusion Determination Growth Etiquette

Rock Foundation

Reliance Obtain Competence Knowledge

Rope Model

Rapport Opportunity Performance Ethical

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“I’ve been coached by Lindy a few times now and she’s a great coach, with lots of experience of coaching teams and individuals who are struggling. She has a calm, reassuring manner and is great at teasing out what’s needed and helping me see how to unblock and move forward. She is great fun also and I’m looking forward to more productive sessions with her. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”
Zarina Majid - London
“Very efficient and personalized coaching - the techniques used were comforting and suited my needs very well. I like the straightforward approach. Absolutely recommendable!”
Jaco von Wyk - South Africa
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